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                        Screw,Bolt & Nut
                        Other non-standard fastener
                        About us
                                Established in 1998,Shanghai Huaan Automobile components Co., ltd is dedicated to developing, producing and saling the parts used in Automobile, or all kinds of tooling and mould. Our major products are including Rollers, Rivets, Shaft Pins and other non-standard high strength Screws and Bolts......  

                        Welcome to Shanghai Huaan Automobile Components Co.,Ltd!!!

                        Our company new website build in Mar.2011

                        Alibaba website build in Feb.2011,to see www.shhuaan.en.alibaba.com

                        And Alibaba chinese website is www.huaanchina.cn.alibaba.com

                        Pls kindly view and give us suggestion....


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